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Kits perfectly. The new ducting to airbrick adapter from Timloc.


Adapt-Air is the new pre-assembled ducting to airbrick adapter set from Timloc.

This cost-effective ducting to airbrick adapter kit is delivered pre-assembled, ready to fit straight 'out of the box' - it saves time, reduces costs and minimises the need for external fitters, core drilling and specialist tools, when connecting to an internal fan to duct through to an external wall.

Adapt-Air has been designed to be built in a part of the brickwork package and terminates at an external airbrick, removing the need to use unsightly gravity flap vents and avoiding the unsightly re-works of cutting a hole through brickwork.

It is available in single or double airbrick options with a range of different sized ducting and is available with a terracotta or buff colour airbrick to blend easily with various brick types.

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Features & Benefits +

  • Enables rigid extraction ductwork termination to be built in as part of the brickwork package
  • Doesn’t restrict or interrupt ducting airflow
  • Pre-assembled kit, ready to fit straight 'out of the box'
  • Eliminates the requirement for retrospective through wall core drilling
  • Enables 1st fix ceiling duct extraction connections to outlet vent
  • Durable and totally resistant to decay
  • Airbricks available in terracotta and buff to blend with various brick types

Applications +


  • Floor level voids
  • External walls

Suitable for round and rectangular rigid extraction ductwork from:


  • WC Cloakrooms
  • Utility Rooms

Technical Information +

  • Suitable for working temperatures of -20 to 60°

How to order +

  • Quantity will be relative to the number of bathroom, WC cloakroom and utility extraction fans required by the project
  • Ensure that the correct shaped set has been selected to suit the ductwork
  • State the airbrick colour required

Installation advice +

  • Build in the set’s airbrick (to replace a regular brick) as normal as brick and blockwork proceeds
  • The installed position and level of the set is determined by the extraction fan connections
  • The set will project beyond the inner wall leaf to allow for the fitting of additional ducting or an extraction fan
  • As with all through cavity wall components install a DPC cavity tray, with wall weep and stopends, above the installed adapter set to collect any water ingress
  • We recommend the Inter-loc 4 horizontal cavity tray and 1143 or InvisiWeep

Quality, regulations and standards +

  • Helping to meet Building Regulation Part F
  • Equivalent area marking to front face of airbrick to comply with BS EN 13141-1
  • Manufactured to BS EN ISO 9001

Material and colour options +

  • Airbrick manufactured in UV Stabilised polypropylene
  • Available in terracotta, buff
  • All other components manufactured from PP/PVC

For more information call 01405 765567 Free next day delivery *

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