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Acoustic Aero Core dB Anti-Draught Ventilators

Combination ventilator sets for background venting which are used to provide ventilation for heat producing appliances and background room ventilation (without hit & miss)

Individual ventilation sets can supply up to maximum appliance rated input of 22kW (75,000 Btu/h) and are an ideal solution for refurbishment, remedial work and new build.

Aero core ventilators fully comply with all Gas Board and Building Regualtions requirements.

They are aesthetically pleasing and a simple to install modular system with excellent airflow properties.

Combination ventilator sets offer a superior reduction of draughts and light, compared with basic through-wall ventilation. The dB acoustic version is ideal for reducing sound, particualrly low frequency road and rail noise.

Cowl or grille versions are available with or without a baffle in terracotta and brown, and an internal finish with white open louvre grille.

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Features & Benefits

  • Aesthetically pleasing and a simple to install modular system
  • Excellent airflow properties
  • Offers reduction of sound, draughts and light compared to basic through wall ventilation
  • Ideal for reducing low frequency road & rail noise
  • Cowl or grille version available with or without baffle
  • Internal finish with open louvre grille


  • Core drill ventilation for heat producing appliances
  • To provide background room ventilation
  • To provide airborne sound insulation properties up to 38dB
  • Ideal solution for refurbishment, remedial work and new build

Technical Information

Please see the Product Details table for:

  • equivalent area
  • maximum appliance rate input
  • acoustic property performance.

How to Order

  • State the correct anti-draught ventilator 'or in multiples' for the heating appliance to be vented or background ventilation required and stipulate 'acoustic'
  • State the required colour of external cowl and/or grille

Regulations and Standards

  • Acoustic tested to BS EN 20140-10:1992, BS EN ISO 140-3:1995 & BS EN ISO 717-1:1997
  • Equivalent area tested to BS 5440-2:2009
  • Compliant with BS 5871-3:2005 & BS 493:1995
  • Complies with Building Regulation 2000 Approved Documents F (2010 edition) & J (2010 edition)
  • Complies with ‘The Scottish Building Standards’ Technical handbooks
  • Manufactured to BS EN ISO 9001 and BS EN ISO 14001
  • Assist in meeting Building Regulation Approved Document E ‘Resistance to the passage of sound’
  • Satisfies NHBC Standards

Material and Colour Choice

  • UV stabilised cowls and grilles in brown and terracotta only
  • Internal grilles are white as standard
  • nbs plus
  • riba

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