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At Timloc Building Products, we take our responsibility for the environment seriously and are committed to making positive steps to help reduce plastic waste within the building industry.

We are proud to manufacture products that are made to last and are made predominantly from recycled plastics. Our goal for 2020 is to have 75% of the products we manufacture to be made from recycled materials.

Our products are designed for use throughout the lifespan of a home and are recyclable at the end of the building life. We have implemented a circular economy for the production and consumption of many Timloc products. This regenerative system means recycled materials are being used to make recyclable products. 

In recent years, we have made a concerted effort to help deliver a sustainable future for the housebuilding industry. Positive steps have been taken throughout Timloc, including increasing the use of recycled materials, using recyclable packaging and increasing efficiencies in our facilities, to ensure we are at the forefront of sustainability within our industry.

To find out more about the positive steps Timloc have taken and how we are helping to deliver a sustainable future for the housebuilding industry, download our 2020 Sustainability brochure here.

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