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Universal Slate Ventilator and Accessories

Ideal for new build or existing roof applications.

Intended to replace one normal roof slate and suits slate sizes of either 610mm x 305mm or 510mm x 255mm.

Use as supplied for standard large slates or cut along the provided guide lines for smaller slates.

Can be combined with the pipe adapter kit to enable connection of 100mm soil vent pipe and/mechanical extractor.

The low hood design makes the vent inconspicuous, whilst providing a free vent area of 10,000mm².

Pipe adaptor kit

The adaptor kit fits to the underside of the Universal Slate Ventilator and allows a standard 100mm soil vent pipe to be connected.

The kit contains the pipe adaptor, a 500mm long flexible duct and two plastic fixing ties.

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Features & Benefits

  • Suits slate sizes 610mm x 305mm or 510mm x 255mm
  • Inconspicuous low hood design
  • Can be combined with pipe adaptor kit to enable connection of 100mm soil vent pipe and/or mechanical extractor


  • New build and existing roof applications
  • For replacement of one normal roof slate to provide a ventilator
  • Ventilating a roof space at low level or high level
  • Connection to mechanical extraction from kitchen and bathrooms
  • Ventilation outlet for soil vent pipe

Technical Information

Slate Ventilator - Product 4001- Provides free vent area of 10,000mm²

Pipe Adaptor Kit - Product 4101- Fits to the underside of the slate vent to allow a standard 100mm soil vent pipe to be connected, kit includes pipe adaptor, flexible PVC pipe and fixing tie

Installation Advice

When fixed at 1 metre centres and at a minimum of 1 metre up from the eaves, a ventilation property equivalent to a 10mm continuous air gap is achieved.

Use product as supplied for the larger slate option (610 x 305mm).

Cut along guide lines for smaller slate option (510 x 255mm).

  • The two roof slates directly beneath the ventilator must be cut to accommodate the felt penetration sleeve on the rear of the slate vent (cut away the minimum possible to achieve a tight fit using the slate ventilator as a template).
  • Cut an X into the felt 200mm x 105mm at the point of the felt penetration sleeve.
  • Fold up/outwards the four triangles flaps to form an aperture of 200 x 105mm which will accommodate the sleeve.
  • Nail the top flaps over the battens.
  • Position the vent and nail into the batten through the nail slots provided.
  • Secure the front of the vent using a copper disc rivet.
  • Connect the pipe adapter kit to the underside of the slate vent if required.

Quality, Regulations and Standards

  • Satisfies all NHBC recommendations
  • Complies with all relevant Building Regulations and British Standards
  • Manufactured to BS EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System
  • Manufactured to BS EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

Material and Colour Choice

  • Manufactured from polypropylene
  • Available in anthracite only
  • nbs plus
  • riba

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