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Over Fascia Vent (300mm) - 3011 and 3011-25

Durable and multi-purpose primary roof ventilator.

Suitable for new build and refurbishment projects, the Over Fascia Vent is used where the fascia board is fitted in the ends of the rafters, so creating a situation where ventilation can only be effected over the top of the board:

  • 3011 provides a ventilation equivalent to a continuous 10mm opening (10,000mm²)
  • 3011-25 provides a ventilation equivalent to a continuous 25mm opening (25,000mm²).

Supplied in 300mm lengths and available in white, black and brown.

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Features & Benefits

  • Efficient, unobtrusive and easy to fit
  • Can be fitted to existing soffit boards in situ
  • Superior strength construction – will carry the weight of the bottom row of tiles
  • 4mm wide slots comply with BS 5250:2011
  • Durable and totally resistant to decay
  • UV stabilised and colourfast


  • For roof eaves ventilation
  • Flat roof abutment ventilation
  • Roofs where the eaves incorporate a fascia board
  • Roofs that do not incorporate a soffit board or where an unbroken soffit board is required
  • 3011 - use to ventilate pitched roofs, where the pitch of the roof is 15° or more and the roof void is attic or loft space
  • 3011-25 - use to ventilate pitched roofs, where the pitch of the roof is less than 15°, flat roofs or any roof where living accommodation is contained within the roof space

Technical Information

Ventilation must be provided for the full length of the eaves and along both sides of the building to create a cross flow ventilation action:

  • 3011 provides ventilation equivalent to a continuous 10mm opening – (10,000mm² per metre run)
  • 3011-25 provides ventilation equivalent to a continuous 25mm opening – (25,000mm² per metre run).

How to Order

  • Determine whether the roof design requires ventilation equivalent to a continuous 10mm opening (3011), or 25mm opening (3011-25).
  • Specify which colour is required.
  • Measure the overall length of the eaves to be ventilated and divide by 300mm to determine the number of lengths required.

Installation Advice

Over fascia ventilators fit onto the upper edge of the fascia board.

It’s important to note the height of the over fascia ventilator to being used and make allowance for this when fitting the fascia board.

If the height of the ventilator is not taken into account and the fascia board is lowered accordingly, the tiles may be caused to 'kick up' at the eaves.

It is strongly recommended that a plywood felt support is fitted directly above the over fascia ventilator:

  • to prevent sagging roofing felt from restricting airflow
  • this should project at least 10mm beyond the front of the ventilator.

Make sure that each ventilator is fixed securely into the top of the fascia board using at least 3 screws or nails per ventilator.

When ventilating flat roof abutments with 3011-25 some extra joinery work is essential please contact the Timloc Technical Services Department for further advice.

Quality, Regulations and Standards

  • Satisfies all NHBC recommendations
  • Complies with all relevant Building Regulations and British Standards
  • Manufactured to BS EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System
  • Manufactured to BS EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

Material and Colour Choice

  • Manufactured by injection moulding in high density polypropylene
  • Available in white, black or brown
  • nbs plus
  • riba

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