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GRP Secret Gutters (Abutment Soakers)

Preformed GRP profiles that provide secondary protection against water ingress at sloping roof and cavity wall abutments.

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Features & Benefits

  • Preformed profiles – no on-site fabrication
  • No material value to site thieves
  • Anti-capillary rib provides additional ingress protection
  • Quick installation
  • Virtually maintenance free material
  • UV inhibiting film restricts mould and fungal growth
  • Sanded strip for mortar bonding
  • Supplied in 3m lengths


  • For slate or flat interlocking roof tiles
  • On roof pitches up to 60°
  • Sloping roof and cavity wall abutments
  • Areas of high weather exposure

Technical Information

How to Order

  • Measure the sloping length of the abutment in metres and divide by 3 (product is supplied in 3m lengths).
  • Allow for a minimum vertical overlap of 150mm if it’s necessary to join GRP secret gutter sections together.

Installation Advice

  • The roof should be covered with underlay (as standard practice), with the underlay finished and turned approximately 100mm up the abutting wall
  • Roofing battens must be cut short of the abutment wall to allow a 50mm gap between the wall and the counter batten
  • For slates, the roofing batten must be routed to a depth of 10mm to allow the top of the water bars to be at the same level as the rest of the roof battens. The counter batten must be sized to match the reduced depth
  • Noggins may need to be fixed flush to the top of the rafters to anchor the roof and counter battens
  • Ensure that the up-stand against the wall doesn’t cover any part of an abutment cavity tray that’s built into the wall, before the secret gutter is fitted into its final position
  • Start fixing of the secret gutter from its foot, using 25mm clout- headed nails at a maximum of 500mm centres onto the roofing battens
  • Consecutive lengths of abutment secret gutters are laid dressed to shed water down the slope, allowing a minimum 150mm vertical overlap at any joints
  • The use of double slates/tiles is advised, to eliminate small sections requiring fixing
  • The slates are laid in the normal manner, ensuring that they are flush to the abutment flashing
  • Where tiles are used, these are bedded onto mortar which is applied onto the sanded mortar key strip running longitudinally along the length of the product. It may be necessary to break off the nibs of concrete tiles to eliminate kick-up
  • Code 4 lead stepped flashings should be used to dress over the abutment flashing up-stand from a built in cavity tray
  • Trimming of the fascia board may be required to allow water to be discharged into the gutter. Alternatively, a tilt fillet and lead saddle/outlet can be incorporated
  • The installation of GRP secret gutters and roof slating/tiling must be carried out in accordance with all relevant British Standard clauses

Material and colour choice

  • Grey
  • Glass Reinforced Polyester

Quality, Regulations and Standards

  • BBA Certificated
  • Firerated to BS 476 part 3 – SAB & BS 476 part 7 Class 3
  • Manufactured to BS EN 9001
  • nbs plus
  • riba

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