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Dry Fix GRP Joining/Bonding Strips

Mortar free roof joining/bonding strip, for a faster and simpler installation in comparison to the traditional wet fix and lead material alternatives.

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Features & Benefits

  • Lead substitute with no value to thieves
  • Lightweight material that’s easier and safer to transport and manage on site
  • Faster installation than traditional methods
  • Allows for varying roof pitches
  • Can be installed in cold and wet weather
  • UV finish with restrictive mould and fungal growth properties
  • Supplied in 3m lengths


To form a weatherproof junction at the point where two types of roof tile or slate meet

Suitable for:

  • Concrete or clay roof tiles
  • Natural and man-made roof slates
  • On roof pitches up to 60°
  • On terraced and semi-detached housing roof refurbishment projects work where new or different tiles or slates are laid up to existing tiles

Technical Information

How to Order

  • Measure the sloping length of the area where the two types of roof tile or slates meet in metres and divide by 3 (product is supplied in 3m lengths) to determine the required quantity.
  • Allow for a minimum vertical overlap of 150mm if it’s necessary to join dry fix GRP bonding strip sections together

Installation Advice

  • The end tiles/slates on both roofs must be removed to expose the construction over the separating wall
  • A fire stopping provision must be installed above and below the roofing underlay, at the top of the separating wall to ensure that fire cannot spread to the adjoining building
  • The roofing battens, over the joint area of the separating wall, are to be made good and a gap of 185mm is left, into which the dry fix GRP joining/bonding strip fits
  • Insert new underlay over the previous underlay and ensure that a sufficient overlap is achieved in accordance with BS 5534:2014
  • Position the dry fix GRP joining/bonding strips centrally in the gap between and on top of the battens over the separating wall
  • Commencing at the foot, the dry fix GRP joining/bonding strip is fixed using 25mm clout-headed nails at a maximum of 500mm centres onto the roofing battens
  • Trimming of the fascia board may be required to ensure full water flow to the gutter
  • Consecutive lengths of dry fix GRP joining/bonding strips are laid dressed to shed water down the slope, allowing a minimum of 150mm overlap (measured in the vertical) at the joints
  • The use of double slates/tiles is advised to eliminate the possibility of small sections requiring fixing
  • The installation of dry fix GRP joining/bonding strips and roof slating/tiling must be carried out in accordance with all relevant British Standard clauses

Material and colour choice

  • Grey colour
  • Glass reinforced polyester

Quality, Regulations and Standards

  • Complies with the NFRC Technical Bulletin – 28 Inclined Preformed Valley Troughs
  • Satisfies NHBC requirements
  • BBA Certificated
  • FireratedtoBS476part3–SAB&BS476part7Class3
  • Manufactured to BS EN ISO 9001
  • nbs plus
  • riba

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