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Timloc introduces Radiator Pipework Air Barrier and installation aid to product range.

Timloc, one of the UK’s leading building products manufacturers, has added a Radiator Pipework Air Barrier to its range of products. It will be available from Timloc’s extensive network of merchants and distributor partners from 27th July 2015.

The air barrier is an effective, easy and quick solution to help reduce air leakage. It aligns with the Building Regulation Part L, which states that a maximum leakage performance must be achieved in the design and build of all new homes. Timloc’s Radiator Pipework Air Barrier has an impressive air leakage performance rate at 2Pa (average standard static pressure) and Part L’s testing pressure of 50Pa – without the need for sealants.

A purpose-designed, face-fix unit, it provides an air leakage barrier around the point of entry for through wall 10mm plastic radiator pipework. As well reducing air leakage, it also keeps warm air in and therefore significantly reduces heat loss. It helps deliver comfortable, draught-free, energy-efficient homes with reduced energy bills.

Timloc’s Sales Director Dave Bean said:

“The shared responsibility of the designers, builders and installers across the build programme; air leakage performance is measured across the whole building, therefore it’s important that all potential air leakage paths are identified and dealt with. An area recognised as being vulnerable – that can contribute to unnecessary air leakage and heat loss – is around the point of entry of through wall 10mm plastic radiator pipework."

Easy and quick to install, the air barrier is a mechanically-fitted unit. It replaces the requirement of electrical back boxes or intumescent foams or sealants, saving mess, materials and cost. It is also supplied in compact and convenient packs of 10.

The Radiator Pipework Air Barrier also assists the installation process, as it centrally and neatly contains the pipework during the plastering process, and protects the pipework and plaster from direct chafing, which can cause subsequent damage. It also contains the sometimes hard-to-handle pipework, ready for connection to the radiator.

The unit projects from the wall by just 5mm, meaning that the barrier sits smartly and discreetly behind the majority of modern radiators. The face-fix unit has been designed for installation within all through wall concealed pipe void wall constructions including studded dry walls and plaster dab solid walls.
The Radiator Pipework Air Barrier accepts routed pipework from below, above or horizontally. Its air barrier performance is third-party tested and verified by the Building Research Establishment (BRE).

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