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The little things really do matter; particularly Cavity Wall Weeps and Vents.

It's been highlighted once again that the small things in construction really do matter, in this instance Cavity Wall Weeps Ventilators.
Cavity Wall Weep Vents are crucial in ensuring adequate drainage and ventilation in external cavity walls and have been deemed important enough to be raised by the NHBC in their Technical Extra documents, ‘Guidance And Good Practice’.

Timloc’s 1143 Cavity Wall Weep Vent and TW1 Concealed Weep Ranges – available in 7 colour finishes and next working day

Cavity Wall Weep Vents should always be installed in cavity masonry walls to allow drainage and ventilation at regular intervals.

They are required at ground floor, below DPC level, and must also be provided as part of any DPC cavity tray run, including over lintels and continuous cavity tray systems, such as gas protection barrier systems.

Unfortunately, many sites are still providing a weep hole facility by simply leaving the perpend joints between bricks open!  This method is fraught with potential hazards that will almost certainly result in problems caused by inadequate cavity ventilation and drainage, that include:
• mortar debris blockage
• the opportunity for nest building insects to enter the cavity
• has no provision against wind and snow entry
• presents the risk of being pointed up at a later date
• inadequate ventilation provision.

It is acceptable to terminate to the outside face of the masonry wall with a smaller opening, to offer a concealed weep drainage facility only, as long as water can discharge and not be blocked with mortar debris.

To help provide our customers with the assurance that they are providing adequate and robust cavity wall weep ventilation and drainage, as well as fully meeting the NHBC’s requirements, Timloc offer a range of preformed Cavity Weep Ventilators, Concealed Weeps and Retrospectively Fitted Weeps Vents.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the Timloc Team for further help with your project's weeps of through cavity wall requirements, to request samples or for more information about Timloc’s wall weep and weep vent solutions on 01405 765567 or email

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