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Telescopic Underfloor Ventilator

Installation Advice

  • Always use in conjunction with a Timloc airbrick
  • The airbrick and upper front opening of the telescopic underfloor ventilator must be positioned above the finished external ground level, which is usually at the same level as the ground level DPC
  • The lower rear opening of the product must project down to the level of the underfloor void and must not be obstructed by the floor construction. A vertical extension sleeve is available to fit with this product if the standard 5 course step is not adequate
  • Building Regulations require a free airflow below suspended ground floors of at least 1500mm² per metre run of wall. This can be achieved by spacing the ventilators at 4m centres, however, such a wide spacing is not recommended as stagnant air pockets could form in the underfloor void. Timloc reommend a spacing of no more than 2m centres
  • The NHBC recommend that underfloor ventilators are spaced at a maximum of 2m centres, with ventilators also positioned no more than 450mm from the ends of the wall
  • As a minimum requirement ventilators should be positioned down two opposite sides of the building, as to create a cross flow ventilation action. It is good practice to position ventilators around the full perimeter of the building, particularly with complex building designs
  • If the underfloor void is seperated by dividing walls, openings must be provided to allow a free flow of air around the underfloor void
  • The standard ventilator will fit into a cavity wall with an external leaf of 100-102.5mm, a cavity width of 50mm and an inner leaf of 100mm. External and internal horizontal extension sleeves are available to accommodate thicker walls or wider cavities
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