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Drill Vent

Installation Advice

  • High level vents are located externally between 200–225mm below the soffit or roof barge
  • Low level vents should be installed at a minimum of 125mm below the DPC at ground level. At this level, it doubles as a drain for the cavity as well as a vent if the cavity is bridged or closed at intermediate floor levels. Cavity venting and drainage should be provided above and below the floor plate.
  • Identify the location at which you need to place the vent, where a 25mm hole is typically cored at 750mm centres, at both high and low levels. Advice in regulations or from guarantors should be adhered to
  • The vent has been designed to be installed at a slight angle of  2.5° to minimize any wind-driven rain entering the cavity, therefore, the hole is drilled through the external leaf with the drill inclined slightly upwards. It is recommended to use a drill with a depth setting in order to avoid any damage to the internal leaf, insulation or breather membranes
  • Insert and align the Drill vent into the hole and tap into place using a rubber mallet, the drill vent should be flush with the wall surface
  • nbs plus
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