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Corbel Vent

Installation Advice

  • Used to ventilate pitched roofs, where the pitch of the roof is 15° or more, and the roof void is an attic or loft space
  • Do not use to ventilate pitched roofs where the pitch of the roof is less than 15°, where there is a flat roof, or any roof where living accommodation is contained within the roof space
  • Make sure each ventilator is fixed securely to the top row of corbelling using all eight clips provided
  • It is advised to provide a felt support above the corbel vent, this should project at least 15mm beyond the front of the vent to prevent felt from sagging between rafters whilst maintaining a clear air path to the vent front
  • Ventilation must be provided for the full length of the eaves and along both sides of the building to create a cross flow ventilation action
  • nbs plus
  • riba

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