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Timloc Leaded Cavity Trays for Blockwork

Installation Advice

  • Each length of tray is available in a variety of base widths to suit different combinations of wall thicknesses and cavity widths. Please ensure that you select the correct cavity width for the project in hand
  • Weep holes can be formed by simply installing a purpose-made Timloc plastic wall weep unit (product code 1143/TW1)
  • In areas of severe weather exposure or where particularly porous facing blockwork is used, it is strongly recommended that extra weep holes are provided at intermediate points along the run of cavity trays. A heavier code of lead may also need to be specified, with flashings fixed and sealed where they overlap
  • Many componenets come in left or right handed versions, handing is dictated by the direction of the abutting roof slope. Establish the correct handings or it will be impossible to fit the cavity trays properly
  • With pre-formed cavity trays such as Everdry, it is not strictly necessary for the cavity tray to span all the way across the cavity. As long as the cavity tray stands back from the rear face of the stone and projects far enough back into the cavity to intercept any drips falling from wall ties, it will perform its job effectively
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