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Timloc Cavity Trays for Door and Window Openings

Installation Advice

  • Under normal circumstances the arch and bullseye cavity tray is positioned so that the upstand fits between the door/window frame and the external brickwork
  • After installation the upstand can be trimmed back so it is flush with the frame and sealed with exterior mastic in the normal way
  • Weep holes must be provided at the base of the arch cavity tray, at both sides of the opening. These can be formed by installing a purpose made Timloc plastic wall weep unit (product 1143/TW1)
  • When the arch or bullseye cavity tray is supplied in two or more sections, each section fits to the next by means of a lapped joint that is sealed with butyl mastic tape. Surfaces must be clean and dry otherwise a good seal will not be formed
  • Arch and bullseye cavity trays are usually supplied with an integral flap, this builds into the inner leaf to ensure that it is held securely in position. If building-in is not possible. e.g. with a timber frame construction, the cavity tray flap should be mechanically fixed to the inner leaf.
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