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Timloc Acousdpc Vertical Cavity Stops

Installation Advice

  • Installation must follow good practice for the detailing of the damp proof course, as set out in the relevant clauses of BS 5628: Part 3. BS8215 and BS8000: Part 3
  • Acousdpc should be built in as brickwork/blockwork proceeds
  • The DPC projects beyond the insulation by 50mm on each side and should be installed to compress against the inside face of the outer leaf
  • Supplied in 1.2mtr lengths of insulation, with an additional 100mm overlap of DPC and the cavity size required, units can be easily cut on site for detailing
  • Where more than one length is required, joining the lengths is by simply butt joining together. The upper piece must be installed with the 100mm DPC extension at the bottom, lapping to the outside of the lower piece ensuring a tight butt joint on the insulation
  • Vertical protection is given without breaks at floor level, but when installed in conjunction with the horizontal Acoustray, the horizontal tray will stop and restart around the vertical. To allow both systems to intersect simply notch a cut into the 50mm dpc overhang and slot over the horizontal Acoustray
  • Due to the flexible nature of the rockfibre insulation some local delaminating may occur during site handling or installation. This does not detract from the performance of the product
  • nbs plus
  • riba

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