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Thermo-loc XPS Cavity Closers

Installation Advice

  • Can be used in both first and second fix applications
  • Cut the cavity closer into required lengths, allowing the jamb section to overlap the sill section and to butt to the underside of the lintel
  • In first fix applications, the cavity closer should be nailed to the jamb of the door or window frame and the whole assembly built in as the work proceeds
  • Alternatively the closer can be built in sections using fixing ties as work proceeds or pre-built to act as an opening former using a timber brace and corner forms
  • For second fix applications, the cavity closer is pushed into the cavity after building work is complete. The compressible nature of the exposed insulation material is used to create a friction fit in the cavity or alternatively the insulation can be trimmed to fit using a sharp knife
  • Joining 'off cut' sections should be kept a minimum and not carried out on sill secions, sections are joined by mitre cutting the profile to allow the downward cut to run away from the jamb. Insulation should be extended from the lower closer profile to allow this to slot into the upper profile to maintain a rigid section/ All overlaps to be tape sealed
  • nbs plus
  • riba

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