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Introducing John Bennett, Timloc’s Area Sales Manager for Scotland

Name: John Bennett

Work history in brief: ‘For the last 18 years I have built a sales career in various sectors of the construction industry. Previous roles have included specialising in lintels and heat recovery systems – the experience from both prepared me immensely for my role at Timloc, who’s range offers building products across the whole building from the top to the bottom.’

What were your first impressions of Timloc after your first week?: ‘I was truly bowled over at how welcome that I was made to feel - from across all areas and levels of the business. I received a through induction to the company and I genuinely couldn’t wait to get out in front of customers and be part of Timloc’s great brand name and reputation.’

Favourite sports team/player?: ‘My real sporting passions are golf and tennis. As a fellow Scot, I have to say that I have full admiration and respect for Andy Murray and what he has achieved, however Roger Federer, in my opinion, is the greatest of all time.’

Can you remember what the first record was that you bought?: ‘Ob - La - Di, Ob - La – Da, however this was my one and only Marmalade purchase. I was soon to discover The Jam, Stranglers, Heaven 17 and George Benson, all of whom I still listen to today.’

When you were a child, what was your dream job?:  ‘I had dreams of becoming a professional tennis player – short lived I’m afraid.’

What do you like about working for Timloc today?:   ‘We have a genuine great team spirit at Timloc - across the whole business.  Our product range, service and support is second to none.’

How do you like to spend your time when you’re not at work?: I try and get as much time on the golf course and tennis courts as much as possible. I’m also a semi-professional singer and most weekends I am performing at gigs and private events. I cover all genres and artists from past to present.

Do you have a favourite Timloc product?: Timloc’s 1169 plastic loft -door range is a fantastic product with so many benefits, for all our customers, of course including our next working day availability.

Interesting fact about John: John’s vocal and musical talents have been professionally recorded in a recording studio.

To make an appointment with John or your local Timloc Area Sales Manager to learn how you can benefit from working with Timloc Building Products and our service, support and extension product range then please call us on 01405 765 567 or email to

Trust Timloc to deliver next working day!

Timloc's Area Sales Manager for Scotland John Bennett

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