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Introducing (& celebrating) Mandy Crane, a Timloc team member for a tremendous 38 years - Draft

Take less than a minute to start ‘virtually’ meeting the team behind Timloc’s exceptional next working day service, support and extensive range of product solutions.

Introducing (& celebrating) Mandy Crane, who has been part of Timloc’s team for a tremendous 38 years, in less time than an average elevator ride.

Timloc's Mandy Crane

Name: Mandy Crane

Role at Timloc?: Manufacturing Team General Operative

Work history in brief?:   'I started working for Timloc back in 1980 - straight from leaving school. I even undertook my school work experience at Timloc - so it must have made a good impression!

I’m part of the team that produces our vacuum formed products, particularly bespoke and made to order cavity trays. Over the years though, my roles here have included loft door assembly and warehouse despatch.'

What were your first impressions of Timloc after your first week?: 'Timloc’s reputation as a good local employer was strong then as well. To be honest, it was the people who I worked with that made the strongest impression and I clearly remember being made to feel very welcome.' 

Favourite sports team/player?: 'I can’t remember, which came first – my love for Kevin Keegan or for Liverpool FC! My feelings for Kevin have changed, since my school days, but I’m still a 100% Liverpool FC fan.  However, Kevin if you’re reading this, I’d still love to meet you, if you’re ever free?'

Can you remember what the first record was that you bought?: 'Waterloo by Abba and it’s still a favourite.'

When you were a child, what was your dream job?: 'I always wanted to work on cruise liners. I had no specific job in mind; I think that I just wanted to work in luxury!  I’ve been very lucky to have experienced holiday cruises myself and I do know that I much prefer them being a guest rather than as a worker!'

What do you like about working for Timloc today?: 'It’s pretty much the same as when I first started working here 38 years ago – the people. I’ve made some firm friends here who have become family.

It really is amazing when I think back to the Timloc when I started, in comparison to Timloc today; in how we’ve changed and expanded and our new site in Howden is just fantastic.

I do feel proud knowing that I’ve been part of our growth and the making of Timloc into the company that it is today.'
How do you like to spend your time when you’re not at work?: 'I really enjoy walking and cycling and try and get out to the North Yorkshire Moors to do both, as much as I can.' 

Do you have a favourite Timloc product?: 'Oh, that’s a tough one - probably our 6m roll form eaves vent rafter trays.' 

Interesting fact about Mandy?: Mandy has seen Neil Diamond live 8 times in the last 10 years.  Sadly, we don’t believe that Neil will tour again, however Mandy will be ‘Forever in Blue Jeans’.

For more information on Mandy’s favourite Timloc product, the 6m roll form eaves vent rafter trays or any of Timloc’s product solutions then please don’t hesitate to visit our website or contact the Timloc team on 01405 7656 567 or by email .

Trust Timloc to deliver next working day!

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