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Everdry Cavity Tray Range - Stepped Cavity Trays for Brick, Block and Stonework

Everdry preformed cavity trays are a range of DPC products for installation at the abutment of a pitched roof with a cavity wall to prevent water penetration.

All Everdry cavity tray components are designed to comply fully with the requirements with the Building Regulations, British Standards and the NHBC and has full BBA approval.

The Everdry range offers a:

  • large number of components for almost any wall construction (brick, block or stone coursing)
  • a range of standard components to form a complete cavity tray system

We offer three main types of stepped cavity trays:

  • Ridge trays (open ended) – sit at the top of the stepped cavity tray run
  • Intermediate trays (one side open-ended, left or right-handed trays) – one intermediate tray per brick, block or stoneblock
  • Stop-end starter trays (double sided) – either flush wall or corner trays that sit at the bottom of every stepped cavity tray run


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