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Lintel, General Purpose and Parapet Wall Cavity Trays

A range of easy to install horizontal cavity trays and accessories specifically designed to protect external cavity wall over lintel openings and parapet applications from water ingress.

Available for all coursing heights and styles with options to suit all cavity variations.

Timloc offers a comprehensive standard range of cut to size cavity trays for lintel protection with profile options to suit the most popular lintel manufacturers and styles such as Catnic, IG, Birtley and Keystone.

Our bespoke cavity tray manufacturing service also provides the reassurance of delivering precise solutions for non-standard lintel types, sizes and applications.

Self-supporting, easy to handle and robust; preformed cavity tray systems are a dependable method of cavity wall DPC.

In comparison to on-site fabricated and roll DPC methods, preformed cavity trays present many benefits including consistent and reliable protection, quicker and easier installation and reduced cold bridging and site material waste opportunities.

Standard lengths are available in 2.5m profiles or the cavity trays can be supplied cut to the required length.

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Features & Benefits

  • No site fabrication
  • Reduced material waste
  • Easy to handle, yet durable for site
  • Fully self-supporting system
  • Consistent and reliable DPC protection 
  • Available for all coursing heights and styles
  • Options available to suit all cavity variations
  • Cold bridging opportunities reduced
  • Generally doesn’t require cutting into insulation
  • Allows inner and outer wall leafs to be built independently if required
  • Doesn’t degrade over time or under high loads
  • Rigid construction doesn’t collapse into cavity


  • Over steel lintels in external cavity walls
  • Parapet cavity walls

Technical Information

Over Lintel cavity trays must be combined with lintel stopends and proprietary weep hole units to achieve their full potential of being a system which offers maximum water catchment and discharge properties for above openings.

Timloc strongly recommends the specification and installation of purpose made and preformed stop end (LS range) and weep hole products (1143 or TW1 ranges) to guarantee an accurate fit with the tray and a reliable discharge of water

  • two stopends and weep holes at 450mm centres (minimum of 2 weeps) are required per lintel/tray.

How to Order

We strongly recommend that customers take advantage of our free of charge cavity tray specification and project take off service.

Our Technical Services Team will be pleased to advise the most suitable products for your project and will prepare a fully itemised schedule of quantities if required.

Please contact the Timloc Technical team with the following information regarding the specified steel lintel or application or alternatively please supply a dimensional drawing:

  • manufacturer
  • range/model reference
  • upstand height
  • length of lintel profile required.

To self-calculate the required profile length of over lintel cavity tray, add 300mm to the length of the lintel

  • this will provide adequate cavity tray length to allow stopends to be inserted into the next perp joint away from the opening.

Add the required cavity tray length (in mm) to the end of the relevent product code when ordering standard over lintel and parapet cavity tray products - example 5001/1500mm.

Installation Advice

On-site installation and best practice guidance is all part of our service.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to arrange a site visit or tool box talk or to discuss our recommended installation procedure.

When specifying and installing horizontal cavity trays it is important to consider the following recommendations:

  • allow for the cavity tray run to be slightly longer than the overall width of the roof abutment or area requiring tray protection (a minimum projection of 150mm is recommended)
  • cavity trays must always be bedded onto fresh mortar - never dry bedded
  • the masonry laid over the cavity trays must also be bedded onto fresh mortar - approximately half way through the mortar joint
  • the cavity area must be kept clean and free from mortar droppings and debris
  • a stopend must always be fitted at the start and finish of a run of cavity trays
  • stopends are installed using pre-applied butyl mastic seal
  • ensure that the release paper is completely removed from the stopend and that the application area is clean and dry
  • pressure must be applied along the full length of the joint area once the stopend and cavity tray are brought together
  • if there is any doubt about the integrity of any joint DO NOT proceed until the joint is made good – apply additional suitable sealant if necessary
  • weep holes must be provided in the face of the wall along the cavity tray run to discharge any water collected within the tray system
  • we recommend that weep holes are formed using Timloc’s preformed wall weep vents (1143 range) or concealed tunnel weeps (TW1 range)
  • weep holes should be spaced every 450mm along the run over lintels
  • a minimum of 2 weep holes are required per lintel/cavity tray
  • high quality workmanship, cleanliness and attention to detail are essential with all cavity tray installations

Quality and Standards

  • Manufactured to BS EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System
  • Manufactured to BS EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management System
  • Meets all relevant British Standards
  • Meets all documented cavity trays requirements
  • Meets all NHBC requirements

Material and Colour Choice

  • Manufactured from 2mm polypropylene to offer a high quality product that is rigid yet durable for site conditions
  • Supplied in black only
  • nbs plus
  • riba

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