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About Over Lintel Cavity Trays

Timloc’s standard preformed over lintel cavity tray ranges are available for today’s most popular lintel styles and heights (100mm to 225mm) and are supplied in convenient and economic 2.5m lengths. In addition to this, our in-house bespoke cavity tray design and manufacturing capability supports any non-standard or unusual lintel style or size and parapet wall requirements.

Preformed over external lintel cavity tray

Manufactured from 2mm robust, yet lightweight polypropylene, Timloc’s rigid over lintel cavity trays are tough, durable and scratch and puncture resistant.

Over lintel cavity trays must be combined with lintel stop-ends and proprietary weep holes to ensure maximum water ingress catchment, containment and discharge and to meet the building regulation and standards requirements. Dedicated self-adhesive stop-ends, corners and joining tape are available to offer a fully-sealed, watertight system. 

Self-supporting preformed cavity tray systems are built independently from the inner wall leaf, therefore providing a simpler, quicker and more reliable installation.

In comparison to alternative on-site DPC fabricated methods, preformed fully self-supporting cavity trays also:

• don’t require on-site fabrication
• ensure consistent build quality across the project
• are easy to handle
• greatly reduces material waste and can therefore be a more cost-effective solution

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