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About Wall Weeps

Weep holes must be provided in the face of an external cavity wall to provide ventilation and to discharge any water that may have been collected along the run of DPC cavity trays, over external lintels and at ground floor slab level. 

Weep holes can be formed by simply installing a Timloc purpose-made plastic wall weep unit.

Purpose made and preformed cavity wall weeps guarantee a reliable discharge of water and won't degrade over time and exposure to the elements.

Weep holes should be spaced every 450mm along the run of cavity trays over lintels and 900mm over horizontal cavity trays. Ensure one weep per Inter-loc cavity tray.

Our cavity wall weeps are available as either a wall weep vent or concealed wall weep in a range of colours to blend with brick, block and stonework masonry or mortar colours.

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