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Cavity Wall Weeps, Vents and Insulation Retaining Discs

Cavity wall weeps

Cavity wall weeps are multi-functional products that guarantee reliable discharge of water from wherever water could collect inside a cavity wall.

This could be over external lintels or wherever a cavity tray system is involved Our cavity wall weeps are available in a range of colours.

Insulation retaining discs

Timloc also offers universally-designed, general purpose insulation retaining discs, to secure fibre and rigid insulation for maximum insulation performance.

Suitable for general purpose, light and heavy-duty applications, our insulation retaining discs are designed to suit most wall ties available from leading manufacturers. They are made from robust and durable polypropylene, which won’t degrade or corrode over time, and features a firm grip design that will not move the wall tie.


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