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About Bespoke Cavity Trays

Timloc provides special, made-to-measure preformed cavity trays for non-standard projects and applications.

Made to measure cloumn cloak cavity tray protection

Made-to-measure preformed damp-proof course (DPC) units and accessories are available from Timloc. These are perfect for places where DPC is used to form a horizontal cavity tray, such as pier, column and corner cloaks, threshold trays, change of level units, stop-end junction cappings, radius unit, ring beams and parapets.

Each system is made to order. This means it’s designed and manufactured to suit the exact project requirements. This not only presents a quicker and simpler installation, but eliminates errors that can occur through poor workmanship when fabricating DPC on site, particularly when trying to form complex shapes.

One-piece seamless mouldings eliminate the need for site fabrication and substitute the needs for cutting, moulding, and sealing of a DPC when forming trays, corners, angles, stop-ends and column cloaks, saving time and materials. 

Easy to handle, flexible, tough, durable and puncture resistant, Timloc’s preformed bespoke horizontal cavity trays will not extrude under loads up to the point of compression failure of the wall.

In comparison to alternative on-site DPC fabricated methods, preformed fully self-supporting cavity trays also:

• don’t require on-site fabrication
• ensure consistent build quality across the project
• are easy to handle
• greatly reduce material waste and can therefore be a more cost effective solution.

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