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Cavity trays & gas barrier & DPC accessories

It is very rare for the outside of a building to be totally impervious to water.  Brick, block and stone are all permeable materials and, during periods of wet weather, will become saturated with water.

Cavity wall constructions usually prevents this water from reaching the inside of the building, however there are situations that can occur and cavity trays are needed to prevent water penetration.

This could be where the external wall becomes an internal wall at a lower level, usually where a roof abuts the wall. Examples of this would be extensions, attached garages, conservatories, attached buildings with different rooflines, porches and bay windows. It could also occur where the cavity is bridged, which creates a path for water to cross to the inner leaf, such as door and window openings, external door and window lintels, ducts, pipework and meter boxes.

Preformed cavity trays are designed to gather water which has penetrated through the external cavity wall leaf and divert it back out of the building.

Cavity trays are one of the most effective and reliable methods of protection from through cavity wall water ingress in specific vulnerable areas across buildings, particularly stepped roof abutments, corners and over lintels.

Timloc offers a very wide range of preformed cavity trays and DPC accessories, leaded and unleaded, to meet almost any application requirement and type of masonry. We also have a wealth of experience in designing and manufacturing non-standard cavity trays for project requirements.

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