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About Cavity Closers

Durable and resistant to decay, Timloc cavity closers provide an effective damp proof coursing (DPC) thermal barrier between any frame, jamb and sill openings, and the internal and external leaves of the cavity wall.

Thermo-loc 30 minute fire rated cavity closer and fixing tie

They effectively help to combat problems such as internal condensation, mould growth and cold bridging, where internal heat escapes externally.

Cavity closers help to meet building regulations and standards:

• Building Regulation Part C (Resistance to Contaminants and Moisture)
• Building Regulation Part L (Conservation of Fuel and Power)
• Robust Details (limited thermal bridging and air leakage)
• Building Research Establishment (BRE) (thermal insulation avoiding risks)
• All relevant British Standards

Quick and simple to install, Timloc cavity closers can be cut down to the required size using basic hand tools and the range of insulation materials available across Timloc’s range won’t create any harmful particles. 

Timloc’s rigid cavity closer profile construction is compatible with all frame and sill positions and materials. It conveniently allows for installation at both the first fix (from foundation to internal plastering) and second fix (completion of the project after plastering) stages.

Product selection

Timloc recommends that customers take advantage of the technical advisory service. Our technical services team will be pleased to advise on the most suitable products for the application and will prepare a fully-itemised schedule of quantities if required.

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