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Air Tight Plastic Access Panels/Hatches

Cost effective and multi-functional plastic access panels/hatches for enabling access to behind wall, void, cupboard and ceiling services and connections.

Timloc’s air tight plastic access panels are ideal for any project, but particularly for those aiming to achieve a low air and heat permeability or an acoustic performance.

Featuring an integral air leakage protection seal that reduces air permeability to a fantastic 0.00/h.m2 at 50pa (Building Regulation Part L’s testing level), under positive pressure test conditions. 

The ‘clip fit’ and universally handed access hatches also boast a high acoustic performance in comparison to standard specification products.

Installation of the panels takes just minutes and requires just basic hand tools and a silicon/ suitable flexible sealant.

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Features & Benefits

  • Integral anti-air and heat leakage protection seal
  • Air permeability measured as 0.00m3/h.m2 at Part L’s 50Pa (under positive test conditions)
  • Economic product solution
  • Acoustic performance of 31dB (contact the Timloc Technical team for more information)
  • Very fast and simple installation requiring just using basic hand tools and sealant
  • Smart aesthetic appearance and finish
  • Product can be painted if required by the project
  • Picture frame covers up any roughly cut out plaster board entry points
  • Universal door handing
  • Flush fitting door panel can be fully removed for maximum access
  • Clip fit secure closing


  • Dry lined walls
  • Ceilings
  • Ducts
  • Back of cupboards units

Technical Information

Acoustic performance of 31dB (please contact the Timloc Technical Team for further information and clarification

How to order

  • Confirm which panel size is required
  • Confirm the hole cutting size and available overall panel and frame size

Installation guidance

  • Cut hole to size – ensuring that it’s straight
  • Apply silicon or other suitable flexible adhesive to the back of the frame
  • Check which way that you want the door to hinge
  • Press the frame firmly into place - checking it is straight and level
  • Do not operate the door panel until the adhesive has set completely
  • Simply push the clip fit door panel into the frame
  • To open the door, use a screw driver in the slot and lever up

Frame detail

  • Type: Picture Frame
  • Visible Width: 25mm (15mm on AP110AT)
  • Depth: 12mm (low profile)

Quality, standards and regulations

Manufactured to BS EN ISO 9001 (Quality) and BS EN ISO 14001 (Environmental)  Management Systems

Helping to achieve:

  • Building Regulation Document Part J – Heat Producing Appliances (concealed boiler flue inspection access)
  • Building Regulation Documents Part L1 and L2 - Conservation of Fuel and Power (air leakage)
  • Building Regulation Document Part E – Resistance to Sound
  • All other relevant regulations and standards

Material and colour

  • Tough and colourfast injection moulded HIPS/ABS plastic
  • White (RAL 9016) colour
  • Slightly textured product finish can be painted
  • nbs plus
  • riba

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